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Malooshi Fire Engine Cushion Personalised Gift
Malooshi Lamb Cushion Personalised Gift
Malooshi Tractor Cushin, Personalised Gift

Personalised Gifts for Babies

Malooshi creations are hand made, unique and perfect gifts to celebrate a birthday, newborn, christening or other special occasions.

All designs are crafted on high quality fabrics and crowned with exquisite detail. We use the traditional art of crochet with a modern twist, ideal to brighten up any child's bedroom.


We happily take bespoke orders. All our products are delivered in just a few days. 

Please feel free to browse our website:

Personalised gifts for babies
Malooshi Ballerina Cushion, Personalied Gift
Malooshi Train Cushion Personalise Gift
Malooshi Owl Cushion Personalised Gift
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